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Who We Are:

Ian Akins finally figured out what he wants to do with his life and it led him to this position. When he isn’t having an existential crisis or stressing over word usage in his current writing project, he can be found rereading his favorite book for the 100th time. Ian is also very fond of watching Howl’s Moving Castle once per week and also crying over his love of frogs.

Lindsay Ball is obsessed with her dog Sherlock. She is exceptional at Friends trivia. She also gives her love to naps, Ed Sheeran, and The Princess Bride.

Grace Dickerson loves terrible white boy rap music, her favorite food is Chocolate Trinity ice cream from Publix, her favorite book is Jane Eyre, and her favorite type of French fry is waffle. She loves to cook and adores her dog, Ava, often serenading her with an adaptation of the song “My Girl” entitled “My Dog.”

Caroline Edmondson is a lover of pizza, French fries, black cats and constantly telling her friends she is busy, when in fact, she is not. Her favorite writer is Edgar Allen Poe and her one dream in life is to own a black cat named Poe. 

Tessa Fahey is an amateur hype man and a professional button-pusher. She enjoys long sweaters, the concept of shrink rays, and watching the same movies over and over again.

Rachel Hanby is a recovering Netflix addict. Her hobbies include incorrectly quoting J.D. Salinger and collecting copious amounts of personalized mugs.

Having grown up in a military family, Jeremy Lindlan never stays in one place for too long. His favorite band is The Smiths and he loves all types of literature. He dreams of one day becoming an author but will happily take whatever job he can get!

Megan McCarter is a lover of odd folktales and forgotten monsters. Stormy days are the best, in her opinion, and the only movie to make her cry was Marley and Me.

Sarah Rosenthal is an ardent advocate of Crock-Pot meals, afternoon naps, and the Oxford comma. When she isn’t reading, editing, designing, cooking, or traveling, you’ll find her rekindling her long-term relationship with her electric blanket. 

Luke Seale fully expected himself to be bitten by a radioactive spider in the 10th grade. He was not.

Sarah Sliman enjoys arranging aesthetically pleasing shapes, words, and pictures on pages (both physical and digital); she also aspires to be a mom for at least three golden retrievers. Her biggest goal in life is to sacrilegiously slather Chick-Fil-A sauce on overpriced “gourmet” cuisine.

Charli Smith spends her days laughing at Charlie’s Angels jokes as if the person who said it was the first, and only person to have ever made the joke. When she is not trying to convince people that Charli is, in fact, not short for anything, she spends her time buried in the pages of novels, loving on her eighty pound German Shepard, and avoiding all things people. She fantasizes about becoming an author, but would love to simply read books for a living. 


Who We Are Not:

  • Ishmael
  • Forever 21 employees
  • an extensive collection of Beanie Babies
  • a cease and desist letter
  • Danny DeVito in a rubber mask
  • a cult (yet)
  • the original cast of The Golden Girls
  • a rowdy group of Elvis Impersonators
  • residents of Portland
  • excessively judgmental