Meet & Greet


Who We Are:

Laura Brooks is an avid coffee shop attender where she spends most of her time brainstorming stories but never finishing them. She loves music and long walks at strange hours of the night with her beloved, ten-year old, wired headphones. Although she still doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do in her future, she is passionate about creative writing and hopes to have a career that will help her pursue her dream of being a writer.

Kirstyn Corbett is an introvert who lived in St. Louis, Missouri, all her life but has never been inside the Gateway Arch. She spends more time on Goodreads than any other social media and consumes dangerous levels of caffeine daily, promising herself that she’ll stop at two cups tomorrow. She pretends to be a connoisseur of the classics to sound more pretentious and capable among her peers, but YA fantasy series and contemporary romance novels are her guilty pleasure. If you run into her after her 9-5 day, don’t check what book she’s carrying—it’s guaranteed not to be a classic she pretends is her favorite. She loves to read and procrastinate her responsibilities, and reading your submissions allows her to do just that!

Reagan Davison (she/her) is a poetry fanatic whose passions fall into almost all music genres and writing poems like they are diary entries. This INFP contradicts the true meaning of being an introvert by being a Leo rising, but she compensates for it by having a Cancer moon and Aquarius sun. Reagan has recently released her debut poetry book “If a Thousand Lovers Spoke at Once,” this mid-February. When she is not dumping her mind’s contents with ink onto a page, she binge-watches shojo and shounen animes and binge-reads LGBTQ+ YA fiction to quench her inner child.

Hailey Drummond draws inspiration and motivation from other people’s works but also from the nature and human environment around her. She grew up in the suburbs, but her stories have taken her a million and one places. No drive is too far for a great view, and no book is too long with great company in its characters. She writes, but she’ll always love reading just a little more. Maximum Ride was the first fiction series she ever read and loved when she was eleven. From there, the reading list has grown with her in time.

Nic Lowery is a person who persistently talks of adventure and travel but makes every effort to stay in when he can. Nic is a self-proclaimed “hobby enthusiast”, and by that he means that every few months he will pick up a new hobby, get super into it, and then forget about it completely (although he really thinks this skateboarding thing might stick). Nic is an Alabama native but wishes he could be in any other state beginning with the letter “A”. He enjoys Steven King novels, indie rock music, and Adventure Time.

Chase Mangum is a sports nut from Atlanta, Georgia. He spends most of his time either yelling at the golf ball he just hit into the nearby woods or yelling at a television as grown men play a game. When he calms down and has a moment of free time, he enjoys writing various forms of fiction, ranging from comedy to dramatic, heartfelt pieces. Shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, and How I Met Your Mother are on a continuous loop on at least one TV in Chase’s house. One of Chase’s favorite pastimes is having a nice glass of whiskey as he listens to country music from when country music was actually country.

Jolie Money is an avid reader who will purchase any rom-com book with a dog or cat on the cover. She loves to travel, thrift, yell about how stupid reality TV shows are even though she never stops watching, and spends way too much time taking personality tests (she’s a Gemini, INFJ, Type 4, and Ravenclaw, thanks for asking). Though she is glad she missed the age of beheadings, she longs to run around Versailles wearing a big gown.

Cassie Montgomery is a native of Marietta, Georgia– more commonly known as “20 minutes north of Atlanta.” She is a dedicated connoisseur of buying books and then leaving them on her shelf unread, holding her cat Poundcake like a baby, and listening solely to Irish singer-songwriter, Hozier. She is a Pisces and a Greek mythology kid who loves to bake, read, write, and (very poorly) sing to show tunes with her sisters. When she isn’t hiding in her room reading the newest fantasy novel or rewatching The Witcher, she can be found watching movies or exploring the farmer’s market with her roommates.

Taylor Porcha is an extreme procrastinator but uses her free time to read and write as much as her heart desires. You can find her at local coffee shops, in a comfy chair or on a blanket in the park, but regardless of where you see her, you will see her nose in a book. Taylor is from Grayson Georgia and enjoys spending her time with horses, working out, daydreaming or being crafty. But don’t be fooled, her heart of gold is always lending a helping hand, and she absolutely cannot wait to respond to your submissions.

Kaitlin Seeger is an experienced daydreamer, purposefully getting lost in any and every story imaginable. She’ll read anything, be it fiction or nonfiction, poetry or essays. With her head often up in the clouds, she enjoys stargazing, and more importantly, star-reading. Astrology is just the story of a person’s life, after all.

Ashley Whitmire is an Arizona desert dweller who loves the rain, and since moving to the South she has spent many a rainy afternoon walking down the street with no umbrella or raincoat (receiving many interesting looks from passersby). An Aries and an April Fools’ baby, Ashley doesn’t take herself too seriously and is an avid collector of rocks, Calico Critters, random souvenir magnets, and stationary.(The key to her heart is a handwritten letter!) She also collects way more books than she has time to read, and is a sucker for Barnes and Noble classics, vintage picture books, and anything with a leatherbound cover.  Ashley is beyond excited to join Call Me [Brackets] and eager to read your submissions!