Meet & Greet


Who We Are:

Devin Baron is an obsessive movie podcast addict. However, if you ask him if he has seen a certain movie, he probably has not. His music taste falls somewhere between thug rap and teen girl pop. He may or may not have a sweating problem. He enjoys a glass of chocolate milk with every dinner.

Anna Kate Baxter is a lover of Sci-Fi, Jane Austen, and her Irish doodle, Jolene (yes, like the song!). On any given day, you can find her with her Airpods in listening to Taylor, Lana, and Miley because the only way she socializes is by sitting and drinking coffee. She loves to read fantasy/historical fiction for the ~escapism~ and will never fail to write down things she’s already done just to give herself a checkmark.

Morgan Byerley is an avid reader and writer who spends too much time in the aisles of libraries. She rarely frequents bookstores out of fear she will spend all her money. From fantasy novels to thought provoking memoirs, she’s open to any story that sounds remotely interesting. When she’s not discovering new books, she also enjoys creative outlets such as playing the violin and attempting flower arranging. She likes to think she has a green thumb, but the wilted plant on the windowsill may say otherwise.

Connor Dealing is a Florida native who enjoys doing any kind of sport with a board. Growing up in the unforgiving sun of Florida made him incredibly susceptible to any temperatures below 65. Some of his Favorite things to do are draw, as well as write stories and corny poetry that contributes to the awful music he makes with his friends. These hobbies of his passions so dispersed are just a tool in Connor’s ultimate goal. Hoping to eventually become a filmmaker with all his love for couch sitting and hyper analyzing TV.

Cameron Flynn is a beach kid who hates the beach. Growing up in Manhattan Beach, California, his hobbies include tabletop war gaming, movies, TV, LEGO, writing, Warhammer 40k, Battletech, Science Fiction, bad movies, and retro gaming. His favorite movies are Empire Strikes Back and Samurai Cop. He tends to fail at socializing, especially in groups.

Hayley Green is an enthusiastic but hopelessly indecisive human (I think?). She is a fan of Animal Crossing, candles, and oversized pajamas. She likes to read cheesy high school thriller novels and psychological mind benders, but she does not shy away from any genre. A lifelong musician, she is a dedicated vocalist and has performed in choir for many years. Her favorite evenings are spent with her cats, Fiona and Cookie, with an interesting book in her hand, such as Station Eleven by Emily St. Mandel. She travels far too often, spends too much on Amazon, and finds herself lost in her own imagination. Most times, she has her best conversations when she invites the characters of her stories to sit around her dining room table. She has her sights set on writing feature films or becoming an editor for a publishing house.

Chloe Jorns is a lover of writing and reading. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but spent most of her life living right outside the city. Chloe’s hobbies include embroidery, swimming, and pestering those around her with excessive praise of Taylor Swift’s songwriting. She enjoys reading various types of novels but is currently most interested in fiction and romance. One of her favorite books is The Outsiders, which she has read an embarrassing number of times.

McKenzie Knight is a wannabe 5th member of ABBA from one of Memphis, TN’s suburbs. She’ll tell you her Goodreads goal for this year is a lofty 100, but she most likely won’t reach it. In her free time, McKenzie is adamant that the Glee version really is better, and she also enjoys finding excuses to make an impromptu road trip in the early hours of the morning. She’ll read any genre once and is one of the funniest people to ever exist, at least according to her.

Kylei Miller is a self proclaimed astrologer with a tendency towards reckless optimism. She has a deep love for frogs, poetry, modernist literature, and literally anything Studio Ghibli has ever created. When she isn’t nursing her caffeine addiction or feeding stray cats, you can often find her listening to Hozier and eating an ungodly amount of nerds gummy clusters. Taking candid pictures of friends is a dying art form that Kylei is striving to resurrect. Despite her resting smile face, there’s a special spot in Kylei’s heart for all things witchy, kooky, and slightly morbid. When she actually writes (instead of just thinking about writing), her own work centers around themes of femininity, consumption, love, and longing. However, whether it’s an impromptu game of tag or planning an elaborate tea party, Kylei is always down for a bit of child-like tomfoolery.

Anna Kate Moorer is a lover of all things written- poetry, novels, short stories. When watching reruns of her favorite show Grey’s Anatomy (which is a 19 season testament to her loyal personality), she even turns on the subtitles for that extra reading quality. Her favorite genre is romance, and her favorite series is the Bridgerton novels. Therefore, if you want to see her give a forty-minute, spur-of-the-moment presentation, ask Anna Kate how she feels about the television series versus the books. When she’s not reading, you can catch her hiking, hanging with friends, or watching a football game, preferably from Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Jesse Mullins is a self-proclaimed nerd, avid movie watcher, and lover all things weird. Growing up in Knoxville TN, he loves hiking and spending time in the great outdoors. In his free time, you’ll probably find him walking his dogs, napping, and daydreaming when he should absolutely be paying attention. Above all, he loves reading just about anything he can get his hands on!

Jordan Rouseau is from a town in Michigan. She’d tell you what town, but you’ve likely never heard of it anyway. They have a huge love for reading and an even larger belief that they can conquer every book on their to be read list on Goodreads. Jordan comes from a family of five, with two brothers and a father who have given her plentiful experience in editing their school assignments and emails, so trust me, she knows what she’s doing. They are always striving to learn more about diverse perspectives and ways of being. She is probably reading a self-help book or debating the merits of becoming a witch to become the best version of themself.