Meet & Greet


Who We Are:

Brooke Allen is lifelong lover of books and stories in every medium she can find. She was the only kid in her entire middle school whose parents utilized grounding her from reading as a punishment. She is a staunch believer that every dog is better than the all humans and is chronically klutzy and awkward.

Aleah Brown is currently a semi-professional perfectionist and part-time procrastinator. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, being outdoors, and learning new information. She loves a good pun almost (but not quite) as much as she loves spoken word poetry. She’s been reading since she was two, so it is safe to say you might find her with a book in hand or see her with her earbuds-in, listening to an audiobook.

Honor Chotkowski has been guilty of using her being from New York City as a personality trait. Although still sassy and stubborn, most would argue that she has rounded out her rough edges since being in Alabama and has even accidentally said the word “y’all” unironically. Amongst her vast array of interests lives a passion for cooking, a constant pursuit of knowledge, and a lifelong obstacle of conjuring witty responses to puns that reference her name. The most common of the puns being, “It’s an Honor to meet you.” If she’s not talking nervously to fill an awkward silence in a room, she’s jotting down prompts in her notes to use for her writing pieces. Although most are viable, she still wishes she remembered her intentions from when she wrote, “Tik Tok is changing colloquial.”

Katie Douglas is probably rewatching a show that she has already seen on Hulu or Netflix before. As an avid television fan, she enjoys screenwriting in her free time, although nothing she writes will ever be as good as Better Call Saul, unfortunately, as it is the best written show of all time.  Her time as a Tumblr user in 2013-2015 and violent obsession with The Vampire Diaries in middle school shaped her into the annoying indie rock music lover that she is today. In addition, she is also an aspiring “cool aunt” and game show participant.

Ryan Eliassen naturally is a sportswriter, but he often finds himself writing creative pieces to easy the mind from being professional all the time. He loves playing sports and believes that reading and writing creative poetry and prose can help create a healthy balance of fast pace action with sports and relaxation from creative writing.

Cait Faulkner is a void creature sustained by the consumption of sickeningly sweet coffee and bad movie plots. Her powers include screaming at the sky, playing the saxophone, and hunting for cool rocks. When she isn’t haunting the local bookshop, selling books to people who already have too many, she can be found swimming the speculative seas in search of solace.

Alivia Gore is best described as the following: lover, writer, poet, believer. She is an aspiring beam of sunlight and, if asked, would say her ideal plane of existence is an eternal road trip with her dog, Frida, riding shotgun. These days, she’s a barista who tries her best to be intentionally kind to all beings. Her favorite poems, if forced to choose, would be Verse 46 of Whitman’s “Song of Myself” and Auden’s “The More Loving One”. She self-identifies as a chaotic good as well as a chronic oversharer. She can be found anywhere love and joy are present. You can often catch her laughing, staring into space, and shouting into the void.

Forsyth Latham is from Atlanta, GA, and must admit she’s a huge city girl. She is very passionate about music, writing, the ’70s (especially their music), and dogs. Her end goal is to become a music journalist and to write biographies on artists/bands. Keep on keepin’ on.

Lily Prater’s passion for writing stems from her passion to tell the stories of unsung heroes. To procrastinate, Lily watches dog videos of all breeds. She is currently passing the time by reading the Harry Potter series, for the first time.

Callie Richards is a writer from South Florida with too many ideas in her head and not enough actually written down. When she’s not coming up with new ideas for stories, she enjoys reading works of fiction, drawing her own characters or fanart, playing video games (you don’t want to know how much time she’s invested into Stardew Valley), and watching movies (particularly superhero action movies). She’s looking forward to reading through your submissions and excited to be part of the next issue of Call Me [Brackets].

Zeth Vilardo is an avid gamer and love for all things fantasy, realistic fantasy and the world these stories live in, which likely stems from living and growing up in the most magical place on earth, Celebration, Florida. He loves spending time with his dog, Mo, and hopefully some day soon will be able to go back to travelling abroad once again. And yes, Shiba Inus are absolutely the peak of dog breeds; good luck convincing him otherwise.

Madi Woodbury is a workaholic busy body who is slowly but surely embracing her true potential as an old person. With bones that crack and creak with every step (which has earned her the loving nickname “rice crispy treat” by friends), a love for crocheting, spoiling her two dogs and a tendency to say random meaningless phrases unprompted, Madi is truly shaping up to be a beloved grandma from your latest sitcom obsession.

Who We Are Not:

  • Ishmael
  • Spooky scary skeletons
  • Successful cult leaders… yet.
  • Beyoncé in the Lion King
  • Website designers
  • Evil lizard-people with a hunger for human flesh
  • The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Ronnie
  • Spicy soy sauce, we’re just a little salty
  • Hobbits having second breakfast
  • The French-Canadian children’s television show, “Telefrançais.”