Meet & Greet


Who We Are:


Avery Brooks is an avid movie geek who loves everything from old westerns to ’90s anime, and he is especially fond of horror movies of all types from around the world. If he’s not sitting around waiting for the new Kanye West album, he’s probably waiting for the new Haruki Murakami novel. He is trying to drink more water and eat healthier food.

Riley Conlon always wanted to be a pirate or an explorer, to live a life of adventure, yet sadly was born a few centuries too late. Fortunately, he lives at just the right time to experience adventure at the movie theater, a place where he would legitimately pay rent if the snack prices hadn’t already demolished his checking account. When he isn’t living vicariously through the big screen you’ll find him writing, cooking, or hustling pool with friends.

Emily Ford is an enneagram eight which fits her to a T. She loves guessing new friend’s enneagram types and finding their similarities and differences. As a dedicated foodie, Emily is always on the hunt for the newest coffee shop to explore with her friends (plot twist, she doesn’t drink coffee). She enjoys long walks and any time she can get spend in the sun, and you can usually find her there with both her dogs at her side. Emily is excited to join Call Me [Brackets] and looks forward to reading your submissions!

 Hannah French is from the suburbs of Nashville, TN, where you can often find her daydreaming about a story she started writing but never finished. She seems to enjoy spending her hard-earned money on expensive iced coffee, watching Jeopardy! episodes and confidently shouting out the wrong answers, and pretending she knows more about astrology than she actually does (she’s a Sagittarius, in case you were wondering). One of her main goals in life is to sleep in an old, haunted castle for at least a night and befriend some of the ghosts there.

Lily Holland is currently a social butterfly who loves nothing more than to stay inside and read with her best friend, Stella (who may or may not actually be a cat). Lily’s taste in books is about as chaotic as her taste in music. She loves anything with mystery and suspense but she’s also a sucker for rom-com fiction (combine them all: the key to my her heart). She can listen to just about anything (anything but country and EDM) from music theater to lo-fi indie. Her idols are Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers as they both inspire a lot of the poetry she scribbles in her free time. She wants to be a runner but hates it and she wants to cook more but is currently fixated on buttered noodles. Lily and Stella cannot wait to read your submissions together while listening to Red (Taylor’s Version) and eating buttered noodles on the couch.

Sydney Jason is an avid reader of fantasy novels who lives with her vast collection of books and four quirky dogs. She loves art, but she has no artistical talent whatsoever. Music is a must for almost every activity if she wants to be productive. She will always write better than she speaks and often opts to write people letters than to actually talk to them. She looks forward to responding to submissions, but only through text of course.

Saralyn Lancaster says she is from Atlanta, Georgia but is actually from the not so small town of Buford. She is a top tier procrastinator who is obsessed with punctuality. She loves to crochet blankets and baby shower gifts for her friends and family. When she is not online shopping, she is scrolling through the never-ending stream of content on her phone. She’s a very indecisive libra (go figure) who would die before confronting anyone.

Sara Lang is a fun-loving person that tries not to take anything in life too seriously. Her worst fears are snakes and becoming boring one day, and she likes to travel to foreign countries and greatly enjoys soggy cereal. Fortunately, she has a love of reading, writing and editing which will come in handy (she hopes) and is excited to read your submissions.

Morgan Lewis can be found sitting in her room, reading social media posts online, while listening to indie R&B. Besides watching old re-runs of The Nanny on HBO, writing poetry, and sleeping, Morgan also finds herself drawing and doing nails as hobbies. Although reading and writing are skills she holds closely to her, participating in creative arts from time to time is also an important factor in keeping her peace. Being an October Libra, Morgan is indecisive about a lot of things, but one thing she is sure of, is being excited to read everyone’s submissions.

Jessica Pelton is a constant reader of fantasy and romance who is always trying (and failing) to plan out her life in a bullet journal. She likes to crochet clothes she will never wear and daydreams about what a fantastic grandma she could become if she wasn’t allergic to cats. She knows in her heart that Twilight is a comedy movie and no one can convince her otherwise.

Katie Poetz is a Minnesota native who finds no greater joy than in reminding her Alabama friends that “they don’t actually know what cold feels like.” An avid singer and bullet journaler, she has recently found her life’s purpose: sharing her HBO password with anyone who promises they’ll use it to watch Game of Thrones (her few friends and family members who have seen it have become quite tired of discussing fan theories with her.) Though she loves her horses, goats, ducks, chickens, and dog, Katie’s favorite pet is certainly her menace of a cat, Juice.

Jamelia Williams is the textbook definition of a fangirl. Her love of all things fiction began with finding the series Maximum Ride by James Patterson when she was younger, and only grew as she did. She would often declare that the reason she was such a fan of the fictional one was because its possibilities were endless. The sky was never the limit, since some stories didn’t even have skies in them. In the fictional world she found freedom, and there she stayed. Today, her love of fiction can be found in her anime addiction, notebooks littered with poetry, kindle library that would make Belle swoon, and the bedtime adventures she tells her younger cousins. She hopes that your submissions can give her more fuel to her fiction and fantasy loving heart.

Who We Are Not:

  • Ishmael
  • Spooky scary skeletons
  • Successful cult leaders… yet.
  • Beyoncé in the Lion King
  • Website designers
  • Evil lizard-people with a hunger for human flesh
  • The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Ronnie
  • Spicy soy sauce, we’re just a little salty
  • Hobbits having second breakfast
  • The French-Canadian children’s television show, “Telefrançais.”