Meet & Greet


Who We Are:

Mar Colborn is a Colorado native with persistent (and occasionally successful) attempts at NaNoWriMo and journals half-filled with poetry that will never see the light of day. Their pile of cheesy YA books is almost as tall as the to-be-read list on their nightstand (they keep telling people they’ll get around to reading Pride and Prejudice). You can find them either playing Dungeons and Dragons with their closest friends, curled up with a podcast and their cat, or searching desperately for space to display “just one more” set of dice.

Grace Foster is an avid reader who is guilty of purchasing every book she thinks has a cute cover whether she has any intentions of reading it or not. Native of a small town in East Alabama right on the Georgia line, she grew up dodging mosquitos, and spending summer days swimming in the lake. Grace loves being with her best friend, her dog Brenda, and her favorite activity is putting off tasks that desperately need to get done so she can read a romance novel.

Jenna Fuller is a bookworm who loves reading from all genres but spends far too much time in the company of Romantic poets like Wordsworth and Keats. When she is not spending her time chasing her thoughts through another daydream, she enjoys hiking, watching New Girl, listening to folk or indie music, and hanging out with her three cats (Stormy, Cora, and Luna). She often talks about astrology and every personality test ever created. She follows their lead a little too closely and makes it one of her only personality traits. So, if you know a Pisces, then you basically already know Jenna because she’s as Pisces as a Pisces can get.

Stella Gaffrey-Eley is a barista who, even though has been working at a coffee shop for the past three years, still can’t seem to get the latte art quite right. When she is not staining all her white shirts with coffee, you can find her trying to save her weenie dog from eating chocolate fudge or creating too niche of playlists on Spotify. A native to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Stella enjoys long sunset walks on the beach and attempting to use the local discount at every touristy restaurant she can. Although she claims to love the quiet, she can’t help but sing out loud everywhere she goes. Living vicariously through her Pinterest board, Stella is fanatic of puff sleeves, funky cowboy boots, and gluten-free baking recipes. She is a hopeless romantic at heart, often whisked away by stories that might have been inspired by Taylor Swift lyrics.

Camryn Haag is an unwavering idealist who is just trying to find a way to navigate the real world. Her weapons of choice are caffeine, mainly in the form of iced matcha lattes, and The Lumineers. For armor and defense, she chooses Greek mythology inspired novels and daydreaming about the fictional worlds she calls home. Recently, she has been building a personal arsenal of Enneagram and Myers Briggs knowledge, and she will find a way to mention it to you in any conversation, so if you don’t want a Ted Talk, avoid any questions. (Yet, if there are any other personality test junkies out there with questions, Camryn is an Enneagram 9, INFP, Libra, and proud Hufflepuff.)

Shamiel Moore is a native of Atlanta, Georgia who spends most of his time either sleeping or trying to find a new horror movie to watch. He writes many short stories detailing young life in his home city and the supernatural occurrences that might happen there, but also attempts to write poetry based on art pieces he finds interesting. He spends an absurd amount of time listening to Korean pop music and buying an excessive amount of expensive shoes that he may wear once every two months. Shamiel bases his writing style on the works of Stephen King and Hanif Abdurraqib.

Sarah Murph is a fast walker, Sagittarius, and an enneagram 7. With the exception of reading, writing, and overanalyzing, she is fueled by the thrill of starting hobbies before facing the commitment of continuing them. She is from Eufaula, Alabama–also known as the Big Bass Capital of the World–haunted by her upbringing of baiting hooks and the reason why crickets populate her nightmares. She crosses the line of fitting in and standing out, being comfortable yet uncomfortable, and navigating the difference between living eclectically and just being weird. If you need a little comedic relief or an unsolicited opinion on a historical fiction novel, Sarah’s your girl–as long as you promise not to tell her to tone it down.

Daley O’Neill is a native of Lawton, Iowa. She is an avid reader, purchasing books whenever she gets her next paycheck. She is a hopeless romantic. Any style of romance book could be found on her bookshelf at home. Like a usual Jane Austen fanatic, she wishes she had lived during that era, wearing those corsets and plain jane dresses, and being courted by her own Mr. Darcy. She loves to write her own novels (not that she has ever finished one), and she adores spending time with her cat, Binx, named after the cat from Hocus Pocus. She enjoys watching sitcoms such as How I Met Your Mother and mockumentaries like The Office, and when she isn’t doing that, she is reading the newest book she purchased while countless other un-read books sit on her shelf.

Alexander Owens grew up throughout the United States ranging from as far west as Hawaii to the great northeast 40 minutes outside of New York City. When he isn’t searching through thrift stores for that vintage gem, he likes to sit by any lake with a book in his lap and wait for the fish to bite. When the fish inevitably aren’t biting you can find him at the gym with a podcast playing in his headphones or out for a walk with his two dogs, Lani and Mauka. Drink more water.

Michelle Stevens is definitely human and not an alien spy seeking world domination. She spends most of her time in her room, writing heroic fantasy stories about the adventures of three recurring characters. She loves books more than people and will read anything she gets her hands on, though fantasy is her genre of choice. When she is not writing, rocking out to power metal, or reading, she is playing DND, or thinking of playing it.

Jake Sylvest is an avid outdoorsman who loves the sense of adventure activities like mountain climbing or biking bring. He is a native of Montgomery, Alabama, but has travelled out west multiple times to partake in these activities. But for him nothing brings a bigger sense of adventure then getting lost in a good fantasy or mystery novel. He is an especial lover of horror novels but think that most horror on television is done horribly most of the time. He is also a lover of crime dramas like Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, True Detective, and The Wire. Any kind of story with a western type setting interests him, or just anything that’s written well in general, book, movie, or tv show

Allison Williams is an over planner for every single event, prefers to be overdressed than under, and loves daydreaming of romantic dances in the kitchen while listening to 60s music. She enjoys painting but wouldn’t consider herself a professional, just an artist who puts bright colors on the canvas and calls it beautifully finished, even though she’ll end up painting over it four more times simply because she cannot make up her mind. She fell in love with writing as she fell in love with the Lord as she has gathered multiple journals filled with endless amounts of prayers seeing in them the mess of her life written in hot pink pen, turn into faithfully answered prayers.