Meet & Greet


Who We Are:

Savanna Briscoe is a lover of anything purple, novels that make her think beyond reality, and traveling. You can usually find her at any coffee shop downtown writing her next article for the Crimson White opinion’s column. She is a poet, ironically a direct descendant of Edgar Allen Poe, and finds dark literature intriguing. A feminist with a strong opinion on society who strives to demolish the unrealistic expectations placed on women.

Kaeley DeLuca is a witchy, ghost enthusiast with a love for the things that go bump in the night. Stocked with a cocktail of personalities, she always does her best to keep things interesting. Her first language is English, second is sarcasm, and third is old vine references. But no, no VSCO here so sksksksks away please. She hopes one day to own a tiny chameleon named Gilbert.

Genesis Drake is a lover of all things fantasy and science fiction. Between writing poetry and spending all her time focusing on school she can be found watching cooking shows on Hulu. She is currently knee-deep in a fascination with folklore and mythological poetry.

Allie Eady is an aspiring author/editor, anxiety-ridden trainwreck, and tragic cat lady by all means. Given three characters to describe her overall, you’d find Wednesday Adams, April Ludgate, and Lisa Simpson.

Riley Hines is a Netflix enthusiast who was emotionally devastated after the removal of Friends from the popular streaming service. In order to fill the void, she has picked up shows such as You and The Mandalorian, and also peruses over science fiction and fantasy novels in her free time. When taking a break from studying or napping, she goes through photos of her dog, Gimli (lovingly named after the dwarf from The Lord of the Rings) and hopes to one day write and publish a book of her own.

Ryan Jansen is a man who hails from the land of cheese. Although he may look different than most people in the world, his interests allow him to be a part of many different styles and circles. He splits his time by being a sports writer, playing wheelchair basketball, playing video games like it was his job but also loving to be a creative writer that loves to be different than everyone else. Because why not embrace it?

Derek Larsen is a Louisville native and the world’s first genetically engineered rat person. Please don’t tell the scientists he escaped! He spends his free time soaking up weirdness in all forms, eating beat-up LP’s and watching reruns of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Chances are he has no idea what’s going on.

Aran McDermott is a future Survivor winner and Bachelor contestant. She plans to force producers to name her an all-star on both shows through quick-wit, a sharp tongue, and stubbornness that eventually forces all other contestants to give up and go home out of sheer defeat. Aran, however, will never go home and hopes to spend the rest of her life traveling to new places and learning new languages. Then she never has to shut up. (Wish the world luck!)

Allison Ortmann is a lover of all things with words, and hopes to one day have her name in the acknowledgements of the next great American novel. The first ears to hear any and all pieces of her writing is her fish, Bubba, and she will ALWAYS stop to pet a dog, even if that occasionally means being left behind by her friends and family.

Claire Pickens is a Texan that is in complete denial that she has a Texan, or even vaguely southern, accent, but is proven wrong daily by her northern roommates. She loves to travel and once spent five months living in Dublin, Ireland, where she found her love for cold, rainy weather and a steaming, sinfully-not-sweet cup of tea. She reads every night before bed, preferably with a couple of chocolate chip cookies. Otherwise she gets a little cranky. She is currently binging Sex Education and Outlander to postpone the inevitable existential crisis that comes with graduating college.

Caroline Smith is the girl you’ve heard belting off-key showtunes while you were waiting in your car at a stoplight. She enjoys classic films, classic fashion, and classical music, so she would be really good friends with your grandma. In her free time –well she has no free time because she’s applying to law school and planning a wedding. But if she did, she would watch SNL reruns and eat Haagen Dazs ice cream in her pajamas.

Kandis Snyder is a lover of books and the great abyss of the unknown. She likes to travel amongst the pages and surfs upon the words of an unfinished story. She plans on becoming an author or a publisher in the upcoming future. She hopes to be able to elaborate on her own sea of hard-to-pronounce SAT vocabulary words.

Audrey Webb is uncomfortable writing in third-person but values professionalism just enough to carry on. Her bio may not reflect the quality of her usual work because she has recently discovered a hole in her favorite cardigan and is distracted. She thought, I didn’t think this sweater had buttons, and she was correct, only a hole. Her participation in publishing Call Me [Brackets] has prompted her grandfather to join Twitter, for which she apologizes. Her favorite punctuation mark is the comma, and the first book she bought, purchased, acquired, procured with her own money was a pocket thesaurus. She prefers the internet version now. So much for sentimentality.


Who We Are Not:

  • Ishmael
  • Spooky scary skeletons
  • Successful cult leaders… yet.
  • Beyoncé in the Lion King
  • Website designers
  • Evil lizard-people with a hunger for human flesh
  • The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Ronnie
  • Spicy soy sauce, we’re just a little salty
  • Hobbits having second breakfast
  • The French-Canadian children’s television show, “Telefrançais.”