Book Blurbs


Mystery Lights by Lena Valencia Reviewed by Sara Hagar











Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century by Kim Fu Reviewed By Anna Kate Baxter
Joy Ride: A Bike Odyssey from Alaska to Argentina by Kristen Jokinen Reviewed By Quade Mainzer
For Her Consideration by Amy Spalding Reviewed by Brooke Dixon












Ocean State by Stewart O’Nan Reviewed By Anna Kate Moorer
Jawbone by Mónica Ojeda, Translated by Sarah Booker, Reviewed By McKenzie Knight
The Human Origins of Beatrice Porter and Other Essential Ghosts by Soraya Palmer Reviewed By Jordan Rouseau












A Line in the World by Dorthe Nors, translated by Caroline Waight Reviewed By Morgan Byerley
Huron Blackheart by Mike Brooks Reviewed By Cameron Flynn
Always Crashing in the Same Car: A Novel After David Bowie by Lance Olsen Reviewed By Hayley Green












The Wild Hunt by Emma Seckel Reviewed By Jesse Mullins
White Wedding by Kathleen J. Woods Reviewed By Devin Baron
What Storm, What Thunder by Myriam J.A. Chancy Reviewed By Chloe Jorns











Peripheral by John Ryland Reviewed By Jake Sylvest
The Wanting Way by Adam Wolfond Reviewed By Allison Williams
Adult Night at Skate World by Christina Kallery Reviewed By Connor Dealing











Aviary by Deirdre McNamer Reviewed By Stella Gaffrey-Eley
Dr. No by Percival Everett Reviewed By Jenna Fuller
Bermuda Ferris Wheel by Bryce Berkowitz Reviewed By Alex Owens











Encyclopaedia of Hell II: The Conquest of Heaven by Martin Olson reviewed By Sham Moore
Still No Word from You by Peter Orner Reviewed By Camryn Haag
Aura by Hillary Leftwich Reviewed By Mar Colborn












Men in My Situation by Per Petterson, Translated from Norwegian by Ingvild Burkey Reviewed By Chase Mangum
Arcane Mercenaries by Mark August Reviewed By Michelle Stevens
The Beginners by Anne Serre, Translated from French by Mark Hutchinson, Reviewed By Sarah Murph












Till the Wheels Fall Off by Brad Zellar Reviewed By Laura Brooks
Exit by Belinda Bauer Reviewed By Jolie Money
Radio Apocalypse by Kayleigh Gallagher Reviewed By Reagan Davison











April at the Ruins by Lawrence Raab Reviewed By Kaitlin Seeger
In Memory of Memory by Maria Stepanova Reviewed By Taylor Porcha
The Other Man by Farhad J. Dadyburjor Reviewed By Kirstyn Corbett












Little Foxes Took Up Matches by Katya Kazbek, Reviewed By Cassie Montgomery
Therapists Gone Wild by Jeff Schneider Reviewed By Hailey Drummond
Siege of Comedians by Susan Daitch Reviewed By Nic Lowery












Unf*ck Your Brain, by Faith G. Harper, Reviewed By Morgan Lewis
Earthlings by Sayaka Murata, Translated from Japanese by Ginny Takemori Reviewed By Riley Conlon
Unreachable Skies Vol. 1 by Karen McCreedy Reviewed By Jamelia Williams












The True by Sarah Kornfeld Reviewed By Hannah French
Among the Hedges by Sara Mesa, Translated from Spanish by Megan McDowell Reviewed By Emily Ford
Glamour Ghoul: The Passions and Pains of the Real Vampira, Maila Nurmi by Sandra Neimi Reviewed By Saralyn Lancaster













The Storm of Echoes by Christelle Dabos, Translated from French by Hildegarde Serle Reviewed, By Jessica Pelton
Bride of the Sea by Eman Quotah Reviewed By Sara Lang
Win Me Something by Kyle Lucia Wu Reviewed By Lily Holland












Written after a Massacre in the Year 2018 By Daniel Borzutsky Reviewed By Alivia Gore
Skin Elegies by Lance Olsen Reviewed By Honor Chotkowski
The House on Vesper Sands by Paraic O’Donnell Reviewed By Sydney Jason











Proof Something Happened By Tony Trigilio Reviewed By Lily Prater
Old Cravings By Joy Jarrett Reviewed By Zeth Vilardo
Bring Me the Head of Quentin Tarantino By Julián Herbert, Translated from Spanish by Christina MacSweeney Reviewed By Ryan Eliassen













A Pontiac in the Woods By Fred Misurella Reviewed By Tess Hensley
That Was Now, This is Then By Vijay Seshadri Reviewed By Aleah Brown
Ire Land (a Faery Tale) By Elisabeth Sheffield Reviewed By Callie Richards












The Intrusions By Stav Sherez Reviewed By Kailey New
Trafik By Rikki Ducornet Reviewed By Ryan Hisle
Wild Swims By Dorthe Nors Reviewed By Natalie Argentina












Guillotine By Eduardo Corral Reviewed By Valerie Lawhorn
Things to Do in Hell By Chris Martin Reviewed By Tyler Arnold
Things We Didn’t Talk About When I Was a Girl By Jeannie Vanasco Reviewed By Kat Frusha












Agitprop for Bedtime: Polemic, Story Problems, Kulturporn and Humdingers By Charles Holdefer Review By Keerthana Manoj
Silence is My Mother Tongue By Sulaiman Addonia Reviewed By Alyssa Schoonmaker
Godshot By Chelsea Bieker Reviewed By Ashton Borden












My Red Heaven By Lance Olsen Reviewed By Ryan Jansen
Still-Life With God By Cynthia Atkins Reviewed By Riley Hines
The Snow Collectors By Tina May Hall Reviewed By Sierra Napoleon












Temporary By Hilary Leichter Reviewed By Kaeley DeLuca
The Country Where No One Ever Dies By Ornela Vorpsi, Translated from Italian by Robert Elsie Reviewed By Claire Pickens
Tuscaloosa Moon By Carolyn Breckinridge Reviewed By Caroline Smith












The Orphan of Salt Winds by Elizabeth Brooks Reviewed By Alexa Rosenberg
What Could Be Saved By Gregory Spatz Reviewed By Amanda Rogers
Swerve: Environmentalism, Feminism, and Resistance by Ellery Akers Reviewed By Savanna Briscoe












Five Windows by Jon Roemer Reviewed By Leah Goggins
Hazel By David Huddle Reviewed By Allison Ortmann
Song for the Unraveling of the World By Brian Evenson Reviewed By Kaeley DeLuca












Gatekeeper By Patrick Johnson Reviewed By Julia Service
Moon Trees and Other Orphans By Leigh Camacho Rourks Reviewed By Hannah Parker
Prince of Monkeys By Nnamoi Ehirim Reviewed By Rhonnie Bonner












Rough Magic By Lara Prior-Palmer Reviewed By Megan McCarter
Empty Words by Mario Levrero Translated by Annie McDermott Reviewed by Jeffrey Kelly
An Imperfect Rapture By Kelly J. Beard Reviewed By Allie Eady













The Owl Was a Baker’s Daughter Reviewed By Gillian Cummings Reviewed By Rachel Hanby
My Student Double By Travis Denton
Reviewed By Jeremy Lindlan
Mannequin in the Nude By Logan February Reviewed By Tessa Fahey













Gristle By Jordan A. Rothacker Reviewed By Grace Dickerson
Sunsphere By Andrew Farkas
Reviewed By Lindsay Ball
Museum of Stones By Lynn Lurie Reviewed By Charli Smith













The Bird King By G. Willow Wilson Reviewed By Ian Akins
Happiness By Aminatta Forna Reviewed By Luke Seale
Life During Wartime By Katie Rogin Reviewed By Sarah Rosenthal












Headlong By Ron MacLean Reviewed By Caroline Edmondson
A Lucky Man By Jamel Brinkley Reviewed By Luke Seale
Tiny Crimes: Very Short Tales of Mystery and Murder Edited by Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto Reviewed by Megan McCarter














Scribe By Alyson Hagy Reviewed By Lindsay Ball
The Second Rider by Alex Beer (translated by Tim Mohr) Reviewed By Grace Dickerson
Perennial By Kelly Forsythe Reviewed By Cora Kangas













The Milk Bowl of Feathers: Essential Surrealist Writings
Edited by Mary Ann Caws
Reviewed By Ian Atkins
Cove by Cyan Jones Reviewed By Jeremy Lindlan
The War Nerd Iliad Modern prose translation by John Dolan Reviewed By Rachel Hanby













By Roque Larraquy
Reviewed By Bronwyn Green
Convenience Store Woman
By Sayaka Murata
Translated from Japanese by Ginny Tapley Takemori
Reviewed By Sarah Sliman
Sodom Road Exit By Amber Dawn Reviewed By Cecilia Barnard