Old Cravings By Joy Jarrett Reviewed By Zeth Vilardo











Trafik By Rikki Ducornet Reviewed By Ryan Hisle
A Pontiac in the Woods By Fred Misurella Reviewed By Tess Hensley
Ire Land (a Faery Tale) By Elisabeth Sheffield Reviewed By Callie Richards












Godshot By Chelsea Bieker Reviewed By Ashton Borden
Things We Didn’t Talk About When I Was a Girl By Jeannie Vanasco Reviewed By Kat Frusha
The Intrusions By Stav Sherez Reviewed By Kailey New












My Red Heaven By Lance Olsen Reviewed By Ryan Jansen
The Snow Collectors By Tina May Hall Reviewed By Sierra Napoleon
Silence is My Mother Tongue By Sulaiman Addonia Reviewed By Alyssa Schoonmaker












The Country Where No One Ever Dies By Ornela Vorpsi, Translated from Italian by Robert Elsie Reviewed By Claire Pickens
Temporary By Hilary Leichter Reviewed By Kaeley DeLuca
Tuscaloosa Moon By Carolyn Breckinridge Reviewed By Caroline Smith












Hazel By David Huddle Reviewed By Allison Ortmann
Five Windows by Jon Roemer Reviewed By Leah Goggins
The Orphan of Salt Winds by Elizabeth Brooks Reviewed By Alexa Rosenberg












Museum of Stones By Lynn Lurie Reviewed By Charli Smith
The Bird King By G. Willow Wilson Reviewed By Ian Akins
Prince of Monkeys By Nnamoi Ehirim Reviewed By Rhonnie Bonner













Headlong By Ron MacLean Reviewed By Caroline Edmondson
Life During Wartime By Katie Rogin Reviewed By Sarah Rosenthal
Happiness By Aminatta Forna Reviewed By Luke Seale













By Roque Larraquy
Reviewed By Bronwyn Green
Convenience Store Woman
By Sayaka Murata
Translated from Japanese by Ginny Tapley Takemori
Reviewed By Sarah Sliman
The Second Rider by Alex Beer (translated by Tim Mohr) Reviewed By Grace Dickerson














Cove by Cyan Jones Reviewed By Jeremy Lindlan
Scribe By Alyson Hagy Reviewed By Lindsay Ball
Sodom Road Exit By Amber Dawn Reviewed By Cecilia Barnard