Call Me [please don’t]

We are not here to ask how your day is going. Instead, we have an opportunity for you to break open barriers: yours, ours, the world’s. Tell us something you’ve been dying to share, even if the person on the other line might hang up on you afterward. Give us outbursts that spawn from moments of isolation, points of objection, or the immeasurable anxiety of social interaction. Shove what’s normally in the back of your mind to the tip of your pen, and let it spill out beyond the margins. Consider this to be your space to break rules, grow apart from someone, and make the right jokes at the worst times—at least until April 1st.

Simultaneous submissions: Perfectly fine—all we ask is that you notify us if it’s picked up elsewhere.

Payment: We would love to pay our fantastic, wonderful, fabulous, etc., insert your adjectives of choice here authors and artists, but we subsist entirely off of stolen mints from restaurants and our own creative endeavors to bring your work to the page.

Rights: We ask for first North American serial rights. Meaning, we would like to be the first to publish your accepted work and we would like to keep your work available in our website archives for as long as Call Me [Brackets] and/or the internet exists. If your work is reprinted at a later date: 1) congratulations! 2) please mention us as the outfit that published your work first.

Submit Prose: here

Submit Poetry: here

Submit Visual Art: here

*Submissions are accepted from January 15th-April 1st, and August 20th-December 1st