Poetry Collections


Proof Something Happened By Tony Trigilio Reviewed By Lily Prater
Written after a Massacre in the Year 2018 By Daniel Borzutsky Reviewed By Alivia Gore











Guillotine By Eduardo Corral Reviewed By Valerie Lawhorn
Things to Do in Hell By Chris Martin Reviewed By Tyler Arnold
That Was Now, This is Then By Vijay Seshadri Reviewed By Aleah Brown












Gatekeeper By Patrick Johnson Reviewed By Julia Service
Swerve: Environmentalism, Feminism, and Resistance By Ellery Akers Reviewed By Savanna Briscoe
Still-Life With God By Cynthia Atkins Reviewed By Riley Hines













The Owl Was a Baker’s Daughter By Gillian Cummings Reviewed By Rachel Hanby
Mannequin In the Nude By Logan February Reviewed By Tessa Fahey
My Stunt Double By Travis Denton Reviewed By Jeremy Lindlan