Diana Kerolos

Metallic by Cara Clements

Honey and Blood

I drown

in the pit of the ocean

I fall

in the depths of the pyramids

where my ancestors lay

Hatshepsut calls for me.

I’m surrounded by dark entities

They are snatching at my soul

They don’t let go of me

I scream

but no one can hear me.

I run to my parents’ bedroom,

but they don’t wake up

and I’m wailing

at the top of my lungs.

A camel walks through my bedroom door and frowns when she sees me crying

my black horse lies her head in my lap,

almost too heavy

my thighs starting to bruise.

Butterflies make their way out of my hair

the sun shines through the little opening of the nearly closed dusty beige curtains.

The dark entities don’t leave

But there is no air in the room

and I’m suffocating.

Hatshepsut lends me a sparkling silver inhaler.

One breath of it

and the dark entities vanish.

the baby poodle on my lap is barely barking

My cheeks, arms, and belly are smeared with orange juice and pulp,

All the butterflies find their way

out of the sink drain

and to my thighs and elbows.

They stick.

Honey dripping down my neck

and toes.

My bed is drenched in blood and toffee whiskey.

Diana Kerolos is 19 year-old Egyptian student in Emory University studying Creative Writing and Psychology. Diana started writing at the age of thirteen and has written over 300 poems to this day. She’s passionate about feminism, mental health, self-expression, and self-love. 

Cara Clements is a graphic designer, illustrator, and art director currently pursuing dual degrees in Media Studies (concentration in Media Making) and Integrated Visual Arts (concentration in Graphic Design) from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. For years, Cara used illustration and graphic design as an outlet for stress-relief and relaxation, but earlier this year, she decided to start expanding her reach and sharing her work with the world via her small business, Cara Mak Design. She specializes in logo design, branding, website design, editorial design for magazines, type and image-led graphic design, art direction, and illustration. Cara is also available for design and art direction freelance projects, collaborations, and illustration commissions. To get in touch or to view more of her work, visit www.CaraMak.com or follow Cara Mak Design on Instagram: @CaraMakDesign.