Editor’s Note

“So Long” Fabrice Poussin

Thanks for calling. We’re happy to welcome you to the first installment of our brand new literary journal, Call Me [Brackets]. Thought up by eleven young writers, editors, lovers of literature, or what have you, Call Me [Brackets] is our brainchild and we are incredibly grateful that you’re checking us out. As an eclectic group of editors, we strive for this journal to be inclusive to everyone and to reflect our unique personalities. We plan to publish twice a year, once online and once in print with each issue having a different theme and design aesthetic. For our first issue, our theme is (drumroll please) HEROES. We chose this theme as a way to explore the concept of heroics, analyze what makes a protagonist, and challenge whether or not your standard protagonist is automatically the hero of your story. In this edition, you’ll find works that include cool bartenders, cowboys, family secrets, and even a Sunday school teacher names Mrs. Hooker. Not only do we have these thrillers, but also works exploring deep metaphors, existentialism, and the meanings of life and death. Thanks again for being sucked into Call Me [Brackets] during your late night googling wormhole. We hope you call us back.


Keep fighting the good fight,

The Editors