Emails Going Into the Real World

By Forsyth Latham

A new skill that I am learning right now is honestly how to email professionals better. We (students) never really learn the correct format on how to email with sounding mature. As I’m applying for jobs and internships, I have been trying to sound more professional and not over email them. However, my brain does not work well with just one thought. I think all the time and all over the place. So, I definitely have a new question to ask them which leads to doubling emailing, etc. Trying to sound like you are mature enough to want this opportunity is hard to make out over emails. For me, I like to use exclamation points to sound more excited, but I have realized that you can’t really do that in the professional world. The “period” is all you have and help you sound “exciting.” So, learning how to sentence something to sound appealing with the “.” Has been a huge process for me. Knowing how to email is like gold in the professional world, I swear. Having that skill down is like having everything set for you. I wish schools offered classes to help learn how to write an email, how to respond to an email, and how to sound professional in them as well. This would have saved so many anxiety attacks that have been going inside me for the past year. I think everyone would benefit from a class like this. If not, then man I wish I was in your spot because you are one lucky person. My goal is to have writing an email down where I can write two emails at once, sounding professional but also excited. When I reach this goal, I’m hoping it will make me become quicker with my thoughts, so I know exactly what I’m asking and wanting from the person. I’m hoping to have my goal down by the time I am employed so I can show the person/people who hired me that I am professional, and they can count on me to send an email. I don’t think our generation understands how important emails are in the professional world. To reach someone on the different side- you mainly communicate through email. That’s why I don’t understand why we are not taught how to properly send an email in school. I mean don’t we pay all this money for education for the future? Yet, emailing is in our future.