Jared Pearce


A four year old girl is in Intro to Lit,

sitting next to her mother, writing

on lined paper. She has flashcards

with letters, upper and lower case,

before her. I ask if she can manage

a sentence. She says, No, but can

write her name. I say, Write it, then

raise your hand when you’re done.


Her shaky name is ok, but the closing

letter dies, so I tell her to redo it all.

The students think I go too far.

The girl gets on her paper, raises

her hand, and there’s something

to praise, so I praise. The girl smiles,

and I want us all to be her, making

everything better, even me.


Day Moons -Brenden Barraza


Jared Pearce‘s collection, The Annotated Murder of One, was released by Aubade last year (www.aubadepublishing.com/annotated-murder-of-one). His poems have recently been or will soon be shared in Xavier Review, The Coachella Review, Breadcrumbs, BlazeVOX, and Panoplyzine. Further: https://jaredpearcepoetry.weebly.com.