John Grey


Polymer Wrestling

in the battle of polymers,
synthetic and natural,
claimed victory
over human DNA
when Charlie
tossed his coffee cup
and he and Irene
had no kids.



Great Beast

The great beast
smacks evolution
against the ropes
with talons of steel,
demolishes the landscape,
rapes mountain and underground,
crushes civilization
then marches on its broken bones,
mashes forests, fields,
cities, lakes, oceans,
into the bleak abyss
of its insatiable maw,
then, rampaging
from east to west,
north to south,
stamps down on the remnants,
with massive feet,
giant indifference,
until it’s the last
living thing on Earth,
the last thing
to set in motion
its own starvation.


John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in Soundings East, Dalhousie Review and Connecticut River Review with work upcoming in West Trade Review, Willard and Maple and the MacGuffin.