Spending Time With the Smiths

Spending Time With The Smiths

By Katie Douglas

One of my favorite pastimes is spending quality time with my family, whom I’ve spent countless hours with over the past couple of months in lockdown. Not my actual family no, although they’re alright I guess. No, you see, I am talking about the Smith family: Stan, Francine, Hayley, Jeff, Steve, Klaus, and my favorite member, Roger.

If it weren’t for this lovely family, I would still be rewatching bad episodes of Family Guy from the mid 2000s. But alas! For I did not realize Seth McFarlane had a much better, and more funny animated sitcom to binge on Hulu.

My relationship with the Smiths all started when my roommate put on “American Dad” to binge, as she did not appreciate the crude humor composed of diarrhea jokes and controversial race jokes that “South Park” had to offer. So, I dared to be different, and took a leap of faith, as I tried a new show for once in my life.

And man, did I meet my soulmates!

It started with us spending a couple of hours every week with one another. A laugh at Klaus’ expense here and a gasp at one of Roger’s dark humor jokes there. However, the Smiths family soon became my daily entertainment fix, and Hulu was happy to sell me that fix as long as I was paying.

I couldn’t get enough of them.

I even started falling asleep to the show. It’s like the effeminate voice of Roger soothes my soul and brings me peace. I watched so much “American Dad”  to the point that I’m sure if I ever get dementia, that I will still remember the tune of the theme song for the show.

What started out as a potential interest, has turned into an unhealthy obsession these last couple of months. And, quite frankly, I okay with that. For I know that no sitcom family on television will ever bring me joy like the Smiths do.