RC deWinter

Shadow People - Edward Supranowicz

boardinghouse reach

rootless and wild

a homeless vagabond

i roam the vast boardinghouse

that is the world


no matter the place

i am no family

no guest

only a stranger paying my way

from table to table


i make myself small


as untroublesome as possible

yet when my money

or my usefulness

or both grow thin

i am once more on the move


what i would not give

to knock upon a door and be greeted

not as a presence to be tolerated

but as a member of the tribe within


i have not yet stumbled on

a mat whose welcome

is truly meant for me

i have not yet been invited

into a warm and cozy room

and wrapped in the mantle of belonging


no one knows better than i

i was a grievous error in the fabric

of at least two lives and maybe more


this thought is what i carry

in my rucksack full of thorns

as threadbare i seek a home

but find only

the grudging temporary shelter

of yet another cheerless bedroom

in a drafty hall

Everyones a God Damn Martyr huh - *Dan Kozar

madness bespoke

madness takes many forms

each uniquely designed

to exploit the deepest fears

of the afflicted


those who crave the peace of solitude

are plunged into the hell

of a chorus of alien voices chanting

a discordant whirlwind of glossolalia

that resolves into harsh commands

urging the commission

of unspeakable deeds


implacable silence descends upon

the unfortunates who fear isolation

the world prisoned outside

a fishbowl of glass so thick

they can hear nothing

nor can they be heard

all made worse because

they can see out but no one looks in


and then there are the people like me

we who wonder why

when our every reason for living is gone

(swept away in tidal agonies

that rush in night after night

in the same unedited nightmare)

we are still here


our madness is subtle

condemned to wake day after day

into a world stripped of meaning

and go through the motions of being alive

when inside we carry nothing

but the cold and heavy ashes of dreams


RC deWinter’s poetry is anthologized in several collections, notably *Uno:
A Poetry Anthology *(Verian Thomas, 2002), *New York City Haiku* (NY Times,
2017), *Castabout Literature* (Dantoin/Hilgart, 6/2019), widely in print,
notably *2River, borrowed solace, Genre Urban Arts, In Parentheses, Night
Picnic Journal, Reality Break Press, Southword,* appears in numerous online
literary journals and has been nominated for two 2019 Pushcart Prizes.

*Dan Kozar, born in 1997, is an emerging artist originally from central Pennsylvania. He is currently a graduate student at the University of California, Davis in the Hydrologic Sciences program. Art has been an interest of his for as long as he can remember. With this being said, he has no professional training. His only aim is to be genuine.