Ricky Garni

Why I decided to become a photographer

When I was a little boy I saw a cartoon

and in that cartoon was a house that was

mist that was wrapped in a beautiful

color – it wasn’t exactly yellow or brown

or caramel or oat or buttermilk or hazelnut

or oyster or sand dollar  it was a little of

each of them but not all of them put together

and with more life and meaning than ever

and so striking that you can’t help but

think of it every time you are shopping

for a car or a hat or a dog or a motorcycle

or when you are going to you get your hair

bleached or dyed or buy an umbrella because 

of the rain and in the shop window there is a 

wedding ring and with your last breath

someone is holding your hand and you

don’t know what to say when they ask

“What is it that you want?”


Flower by Brenden Barraza

Passing Fancy

I watch rock video after rock video and say “I think I am in love with X”

with each passing video, X being whomever I happen to be watching at

the time but truly I am not in love with anyone so I can’t imagine why I expose

myself to these rock videos until at long last I see Bill Haley & His Comets


in 1955 and I think to myself “he kind of looks like my Dad” and then I think

to myself “and my Dad was a good man who knew how to play the ukulele and

how to fish especially for snapper and grouper and blowfish and my Dad knew

his way around a camera and a hibachi and an Oldsmobile” and then I realized

well yes I really did love somebody, somebody who looked just like Bill Haley

even though if you think about it he didn’t look like Bill Haley at all, he is just

dead, just like Bill Haley.



Ricky Garni grew up in Miami and Maine. He works as a graphic designer by day and writes music by night. His latest work, A Concerned Party Meets A Person Of Interest, was released in the Spring of 2019.