Spoiler Warning!

Spoiler Warning!

Gabe Stadler

“How do you know who won the Bachelor?!”

“I looked it up.”

“Why did you do that?! There’s no point in watching it anymore!”

I always look up spoilers to shows and movies. Who doesn’t want to know who wins the Bachelor? How else am I supposed to know who to root for? It would’ve been great if the Starks in Game of Thrones came with a big warning sign that said, “Don’t get attached!” I need to know what happens; I feel like there isn’t a point in getting attached to someone in a show because my motivation to watch it dwindles away as their head is bashed in with a baseball bat. Rip Glenn… Oops, another spoiler for those who haven’t watched it. The Walking Dead lost over five million viewers once Glenn’s brains were turned into Jello, and I feel like a lot of people would’ve been okay if it was something that they could’ve seen coming.

I take pleasure knowing what’s in store for my favorite character, and I am proudly one of those people who will sit next to you and spoil an important part of a show, despite the side eye that you all give when I do. I will also look up what happens in every show or movie according to what the book says. I find more enjoyment knowing what is coming rather than being surprised by it. Foreshadowing is one of my favorite things, and you can’t see the foreshadowing unless you know what is being foreshadowed. It is the same thing as something prophetic being shown at the beginning of a book or show, even though the prince who was promised was kind of thrown away.

Judge me if you will, but spoilers don’t ruin things for me. Spoiled food may be rotten and less enjoyable, but a spoiled show is even better. If I watch the food get made at a restaurant and get to see the work and dedication that went into it, I will enjoy it far more than just being handed another box of Chick-n-Minis. I love getting to see the big spoiler moment happen because I know it is coming. I won’t be shocked, angry, or surprised. I’ll be at the top of the rollercoaster waiting for the most exciting part to happen. Not everyone likes spoilers just like some people don’t like rollercoasters, but don’t judge us for our preferences.