By Connor Dealing

Looking back, I’m pretty sure they thought I was just some punk kid they could spook and make
an easy buck off of. Like any other night when we all went out we were scathed from the long
hours of mixing substances, going from party to party, and making sure we didn’t lose anyone
along the way. We always ended up back in my room, huddled around the piece hoping it would
help us come back to earth. Trev(fake name) had told me of a friend who wanted to buy a large
amount off me a few days prior. That always sounded great to me because the faster the money
came in, the more I made. I guess they planned to do it that night when we were all playing third

He told me his friend was on the way to us from another city, but that he was almost there. I was
taken off guard but I was intoxicated so I didn’t argue. Eventually my phone died, and the only
contact we had with his friend was through Trev’s phone. I had been doing this for a few years
so I had gained a pretty keen sense on when things or people seemed sketch. So when Trev told
me he was there and ready to do the deal, I just told him to do it. Yeah it was like at least $700
worth of shit but I was already making so much that I didn’t care if something went a little
wrong. I just didn’t want to have to deal with the bullshit.

Trev took the stuff and walked out the suite. I don’t think I cared if he came back or not. About
15 minutes go by and my roommate Dex(fake name) gets a text from Trev asking me to come
outside to talk about prices. Annoyed because I thought we had already agreed on a price, I told
Dex to tell him just that. $750 take it or leave it. I don’t remember whatever stupid excuse Trev
gave after that but I do remember thinking that if you want something done right, you got to do it
yourself sometimes.
I threw my hoodie and shoes on and walked outside. Now my phone was dead so all I had was me, myself, and I just looking for whatever car looked like a drug deal was going on in. After
almost walking to the wrong one I found them. They were backed into a spot that was clearly not
legal parking. When I walked up to the back of the car they pulled away from me and drove
about 20 ft down the parking lot. While they were rolling Trev yells out the window “******

I don’t flinch and instead just stare holding my hands out in a very what the fuck manner. A guy
gets out of the passenger seat of the car, faces me from down the road and yells “I’ll kill you
motherfucker.” With no hesitation my feet started bringing me towards him at 20 mph minimum.
After he saw that he turned and ran back towards the car but it was too late. I had caught up, and
tackled this guy into the car. I was basically sitting in the front seat with this dick when I realized
that he had knife in his hand. Instinctively I grabbed his arm to stop him from being able to use
the weapon. As I began to understand how bad this situation really was I knew I had to take this
knife away or else me and Trev(I still thought he was my friend) might have gotten seriously

I tried to use my other hand to snatch the blade but his grip was fighting for life the same as
mine. My hand slipped, and the webbing between my right thumb and index finger got sliced.
Knowing I no longer had complete control, I tried to quickly release him and simultaneously
back away to run. Before I could get to far he steps back out of the car and reels back with the
blade . I composed my stance and tried to dodge but my stats weren’t high enough I guess
because I got hit on my left arm. I knew what happened but I couldn’t panic, scream, or cry. It
felt more like I got punched so I just let myself believe that while I ran. I needed to get away and
save myself. I’m fine now and this is all might sound crazy but I’m glad it happened. I mean fuck
 Trev but that’s just one of the many things I learned about bad “friends. The way my parents
reacted and drove eight hours to see me showed me a lot and brought me closer to them. Most
importantly, I’ve lived long enough to realize how dumb all that shit was. Got morphine in the
hospital too, that was cool. I hope I never get to feel it again.