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Editor’s Note

(art by Fabrice Poussin)

Contributors’ Notes


River Queen – Jonathan Trosclair

The sight of him under the night-rain did not change me into a good queen against the weight of all likelihood.”

(art by Brenden Barraza)

Secrets I’m Dying to Tell You – Terry Barr

“When I published my second book of essays, my mother commented that I had “told all her secrets now.” But that wasn’t true; neither she nor I had revealed them all yet.”

(art by Brenden Barraza)

War Stories – Joseph S. Pete

“The veteran staggered off the barstool onto his feet, leaning onto the bar.”

(art by Dan Williams)


A Burning Man – Karine Ancellin

“He had mastered the art of fire/crafting innovational delicacies,/well-known with the Athenian literati.”

(art by Fabrice Poussin)

C.V. – Ben Nardolilli

“Make up a prize for me,/call it whatever you want,”

(art by Brenden Barraza)

Cowboy Bob – John Grey

“He grew up on cowboy movies./He was raised on black and white/Saturday matinee B fare.”

(art by Fabrice Poussin)

Futon – Fred Pollack

“Snoring girls and boys disported/on floor and futons;”

(art by Dan Williams)

Kiss – Gale Acuff

One day they’ll give me one/and I’ll see him again, in Heaven or/Hell, but let’s say that he’s in Heaven but/God sends me down to Hell, not that I don’t/deserve it.”

(art by Gaelan Galloway)

Preserved in Fragments – Ben Nardolilli

“In the morning, you remain aloft beneath/the sheets and I descend into the underworld,”

(art by Fabrice Poussin)

Retirement – Fred Pollack

“Beneath his lamp at noon,/he imagines entertainments/in cities to the south -“

(art by Dan Williams)